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WBTHTGP Chapter 3 - Karma

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The previous sections have outlined the analogy that you operate in this world like a two-way radio.

Through this process, anything you think, feel, say or do creates thought forms to which you are particularly attuned - they are literally "on your wavelength".

Some of these are life affirming (positive) while others are life depleting (negative).

While both attributes are necessary for life to continue, we associate the negative energies with pain, suffering and death.

(As an aside, try to image life without the food we eat being broken down into its essential nutrients in our bodies, or the lack of fertilisers for plants because nothing breaks down into compost. Clearly life couldn;t continue and so having the positive and negative aspects are important but we need to be mindful of what our contribution to the energetic Universe is - are we adding positive or negative energy?)

Because we have generated these thought forms and they are on our wavelength, they are drawn to us and, as we focus on the event or situation from where they came, we add more and more energy into that entity.

By doing that, we draw that energy or influence back into our lives.

If you (or someone you know) are struggling with trying to break out of a repeating behaviour our experience  pattern, this could be the reason.

As they say, "what you resist, persists."

This is because we keep reinforcing that energy pattern or thought form and so it keeps recurring in our lives.

So how does this relate to karma?

When we do something, we create a thought form.

If what we have done has hurt another person then their pain is incorporated into that thought form.

This send a "destructive" entity into the Universe.

In order for that negative energy to be turned into postive, life affirming energy, it must be transformed.

(Remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.)

The way it gets transformed is for the "creator" of that form to take it into him/herself and experience the other side of the equation.

By so doing they feel the way they made the other person feel and so the negative energy of pain and anger (for example) gets turned into empathy.

This is what we mean when we talk about "walking a mile in someone else's shoes".

By being on the recieving end of what we have done to others, we experience what they felt and went through.

Of course, each person is responsible for their own responses to things that happen to them and ultimately we can't MAKE someone else feel something.

However, if our actions have caused a negative reaction in a person then we do have some responsibilty for that.

So, by experiencing the pain and suffering we originally caused in someone else we transform the negative thought form into a positive one.

The challenge is, obviously, having the awareness and understanding to tranform that energy.

If, on the other hand, we react with anger and frustration when we receive the energy of the thought form what we end up doing is reinforcing the negative aspects and so making it even harder to transform.

I've often spoken about the idea that when the Universe has a lesson or message for us, it will get the point across, irrespctive of how long it takes.

It works along the idea that first the Universe sends us grains of sand, then rocks, then boulders and finally an avalanche.

At some point we do wake up and get the message.

Now, because energy can only be transformed, this process may take place across multiple lifetimes.

In this case, we don't necessarily see the connection between what we've previously done and what we now experience.

And, of course, it works the other way around - if you do supportive, life affirming things, that's what comes around for you to receive.

Next time we'll cover how Grace fits into this picture.

WBTHTGP Chapter 2 - Your Life As A Radio - Part 2

Sunday, February 04, 2018

In the previous section I started talking about thought forms and covered how you do the same thing as a radio i.e. transform energy into different forms based on your thoughts and feelings.

I also taliked about how you're impacted by people you are connected to because you are "on the same wavelength".

When a thought form is generated, the more energy you put into it, the more powerful it becomes.

Thus, if it is associated with a very strong emotion, it will have more energy than one generated by a fleeting thought.

The universe respinds to your thought forms by adding energy and finding others which are on a similar wavelength.

This is where the idea of a dreamboard comes from; you put images, quotes etc on a board which you have regularly in front of you.

By constantly seeing these things, you will add more energy into the thought form associated with the board.

The more emotional you are about what you have on your board, the greater the energy.

As you focus on these thoughts and feelings, the thought form becomes strong enough so that the universe then finds ways to bring into the physical realm those things you've been thinking about.

The same thing happens with focussed meditation or mindfulness.

By focussing more and more energy into a single idea, it becomes more an more powerful and so MUST come into physical being.

Exactly the same process occurs with negative thoughts; the more you hold them in your mind, the more energy you give them and so, just like the thoughts associated with your dream board, you bring into existence those negative thouoghts and feelings.

You may have heard the phrase, "What you resist, persists."

Your unconscious mind (and the universe) does not discern between good and bad.

It assumes that what you focus on is what you want, and so it supplies what is strongest in your mind.

The images in this post are thought forms.

As you can see, some appear to be gentle while others are violent.

So, depending on what you focus on, this will determine the events and situations which you attract to yourself.

If you are tuned to anger and aggression, then your energetic world will be filled with thought forms associated with anger and aggression and you will find yourself constantly surrounded by people and situations where that energy has expression.

Conversely, if your thoughts are filled with gratitude and love then the thoughts around you will be those and so the situations you find yourself in will engender more gratitude and love.

As you can see the choice is yours.

Unlike anuimals or even angels (a whole different conversation which we won't go into here in detail) you have free choice, and so it is up to each and every one of us to decide what channel we tune our personal "radio" to.

Group Thought Forms

Whenever we are together with other people we have a shared experience.

 As occurs on a personal level, these experiences can be pleasant and happy or uncomfortable and violent.

These are more powerful as there is the energy from each person being added to make up the whole.

That's where we get the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

When you listen to classical music in the comfort of your own home. no matter how good your music system is, the experience doesn't compare with being in a concert hall with hundreds of other people.

This is also what happens with "mob mentality". 

People will do things in a crowd which they would never do on their own.

 So, when asking the question of "Why do bad things happen to good people?" we must be able to understand what channel they are tuned to.

A person who does "good" things but is constantly feeling that they aren't good enough or are inadequate, may be creating thought forms which are ultimately negative and destructive for themselves.

This is also why it is so important to make sure you are surrounded by positive, supportive and encouraging people; because their thoughts ultimately become yours.

What a person does is obviously very important but what energetic world are they living in?

The next question I will be addressing is about karma.

What role does karma play in our current experiences and what is its purpose?

(The thought form images in this section are: Devotion, Peace, Ambition, Anger, Gounod performance, Mendelssohn performance.)

WBTHTGP Chapter 2 - Your Life As A Radio - Part 1

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Whenever you have a thought, idea, feeling or emotion, you create thought-forms.

Hold that thought and we'll come back to it.

Let's look first at how a radio works.

We're not interested in the diodes and transistors that enable a radio to do what it does.

All we're concerned with here is a radio as a black box that has magical properties.

What, you don't think a radio has magical properties?

It is a box which picks up sounds from anywhere in the universe and enables you to hear them, then (if it's a two-way radio) it takes the sounds you make and sends them to the other side of the world (or next planet) and allows someone else to hear what you just said.

What's not magical about that?

As Arthur C. Clarke once said; "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

But I digress...

A radio takes sound waves, which are pulsations in the air (you can't hear anything in space), converts those pulsations into electromagnetic radiation and sends it out into the Universe.

It also has the ability to collect specific electromagnetic radiation and convert it into sound waves which you then hear.

These electromagnetic waves are all around us; we are completely engulfed by them,

And yet, without a "magical" black box we can't hear them.

Exactly the same applies to television signals, messages to and from your phone and many, many other forms of radiation of which we are completely unaware.

In this diagram, you can see the range of radiation in which we are constantly swimming but we only experience directly a tiny part.

We know that all this radiation has an effect on us, but mostly we don't feel or have any conscious experience of it.

We also know that moving a dial on the radio will change the station to which we are tuned.

On one station you will hear people talking about the latest business trends, pick another one and you'll get classical music.

Another means you'll be listening to the latest in pop music, while another will give you heavy rock music and so on.

If your device has the appropriate parts you'll be able to listen (and converse) with police on duty, fire officers, military activities and so on.

As mentioned above, all these messages are around us all the time and without the right technology, we can't access it.

You As A Radio

Right at the beginning of this section, I mentioned thought-forms and that we are constantly creating them.

Thought-forms are generated whenever we have a thought or feeling.

They are like radio waves which we, as energetic beings, create and transform.

One of the most basic laws of physics is that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

However, it can be transformed, and that's what we do.

In the same way as a radio is tuned to a specific wavelength, we are tuned into our own thought-forms.

As well as our own, we are impacted by those people we are closest to as we are also tuned into them.

You've heard the expression; "we are on the same wave-length".

This is exactly what's happening.

Next week we'll continue looking into how thought-forms impact our lives.

WBTHTGP Chapter 1 - Are You Sure It's Bad?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

(In order to keep things simple, I'm referring to the title of this series as WBTHTGP.

In this age of Twitter and TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) I need to be as succinct as possible - hope you don't mind.)

The first thing we need to address when attempting to answer THE BIG QUESTION of "why do bad things happen to good people?" is, "are you sure it's bad?"

Very often, something that seems to be bad at the time often turns out to be a real blessing.

The breakdown of a marriage (or intimate relationship), going bankrupt, losing your job, missing that opportunity you were so sure was your destiny are all things where we feel that it's all bad.

And yet, some time later (it may be almost immediate or perhaps years later), we look back and see that this was one of the best things that could have happened to us.

Here's a short story as an example:
A man had applied for a job as a cleaner at Microsoft.

He went through the screening process successfully and was at the final interview with the HR person, who realised the Email question on his application was empty, and so he asked the man for his email address.

"I don't have an email address" was the reply, to which the HR officer responded; "No email, I can't give you a job here unless you have an email address."

The man was devastated and left wondering what he was going to do, in order to feed, clothe and house himself.

He had a few coins in his pocket, his last bit of cash, and bought a few pieces of fruit.

He then sold these to some passers-by, making a little profit.

He repeated this process and was quite successful.

So successful, in fact, that soon he was able to buy his own fruit cart, which then grew into a shop, then multiple shops and eventually he was the owner of shopping malls.

One day, when he was looking to expand his chain of malls into the overseas market, he was negotiating the purchase of property and so needed a new lawyer.

At the end of the meeting, the lawyer said, "Give me your email address and I'll send you the contracts."

To which he replied; "I don't have an email address."

The young lawyer, astounded, said, "You've done all this and you don't have an email address. Imagine what you could be with one."

TThe man responded, "I'd be a cleaner at Microsoft."

While this is a simple story, it illustrates the point that; often things we see as bad are actually the motivators or opportunities we need to enable us to do or become something or someone who is much happier and fulfilled than if we had continued along the road we were on originally.

In the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Hamlet says; "there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so".

So when we attempt to answer our big question, we first need to look carefully at what we consider "bad" - is it really?

I'll wrap up this section with another story.

In Jewish history, there was a famous Rabbi called Nachum Ish Gum Zu.

He had this name because his reaction to EVERYTHING that happened was "Gum Zu L'Tova" - "This too is for the good."

In his final days, he was totally incapacitated, to the extent that he couldn't move his arms or legs.

The feet of his bed were placed in bowls of water to prevent insects crawling up onto him, as he had no way of brushing them away.

When his students saw him they exclaimed; "Woe to us that we see you in this condition."

He replied; "Woe to me if you don't see me in this condition."

He understood that because we are spiritual beings, the things that happen to us in the physical/mundane/material world are minor compared with our existence in the spiritual world.

In the following chapters, we'll be looking at our human experience from a spiritual and energetic perspective, which I hope will provide the understanding that things which appear bad to us are, in fact, for our great benefit and are really great gifts.

A final word - at this point I'm not saying that nothing bad ever happens.

My point is - we need to make sure we're seeing these things from the correct perspective before we can make that judgement call.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? - COMING SOON!

Sunday, January 14, 2018
For many years I've been working on a book called Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

It's been a long-standing project which I have worked on, on and off (mostly off) since 2010.

Rather than keeping it hidden until I have completed the entire book, I've decided to present it here in serialised form.

It's come about through regular discussions with a lot of people and I hope I can provide some insights and understanding of why this happens.

The proposed broad headings are:
- Is It Actually Bad?
- Your Life As A Radio - How You Live In The World Of Energy
- Karma and Grace
- G-d's Plan

I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback you may have.

Stay connected via my Weekly Soul emails for updates.

The Danger Of Anger

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Here's a story Danita recently told me which she had heard in a course she's doing.

A young child has issues with anger management.

He regularly throws tantrums and screams whenever he can't get what he wants.

To teach him to control his anger, his father gives him a hammer and box of nails and tells him; "whenever you get angry, hammer a nail into the fence."

The child does this.

Every time he gets angry he hammers a new nail into the fence.

Gradually, he starts to find this is tedious and learns to control his outbursts.

Each week the need to hammer in nails becomes less and less until he has completely controlled his temper.

At this point his father tells him; "Each time you feel yourself getting angry, and you control the impulse to shout or scream, take the other side of the hammer and pull out a nail."

Eventually, the child has pulled out all the nails which he'd hammered into the fence.

When all the nails had been removed his father took him out and said to him; "Tell me what you see."

To this the child replied; "The fence is full of holes."

And this is the problem with anger; each time there's an outburst, things are said which are hurtful to others.

This creates holes in the relationship.

The pain and hurt may be forgiven and forgotten but the holes will always remain.

Endings and Beginnings

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The new Zodiac year has just begun with the Autumn (Southern Hemisphere) / Spring (Norther Hemisphere) Equinox.

The entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries is designated as the beginning of the new cycle. This was on March 21 - the Equinox.

Intriguingly, the New Moon was the day before - this isn't very common.

The New Moon is the completion of a lunar month and the beginning of the next one. The position of the Sun and Moon was the last degree of Pisces.

So, on Friday 20th March we had the Sun and Moon on the same degree ie the last degree of Pisces (the ending) and the next day the Sun went into Aries (the beginning).

As I mentioned this is quite an unusual scenario having these events so close together.

So, what's the message?

We're at a critical time in the transition of the planet and ALL its inhabitants as we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

As we get closer to the final days of Pisces we see the Piscean influence falling away. This influence is particularly strong around things being hidden.

The essential paradigm of Pisces is that the individual has no value other than what they contribute to society.

This leads to a mindset that it's OK to kill one or many people so long as there's a benefit for society as a whole (or at least that's the belief).

This thinking leads to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot as well as the Inquisition, Islamist Jihadism and on a more subtle level, capitalism, euthanasia and similar.

Part of this mindset is the attitude of "need to know" leading to a lack of transparency in politics, business and interpersonal relationships.

The new paradigm of the cliched 'New Age' (ie the Age of Aquarius) is that the purpose of society is to support the individual in their self actualisation.

This means the whole raison d'etre for a society or community is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which every individual can achieve their greatest potential.

Gen Y (and the later generations) are familiar with this attitude and have grown up with it as a core belief.

That's why Baby Boomers are challenged by them - BBs simply don't 'get' the attitude that "the world is there for my benefit".

Of course the flip side also applies: "since I'm part of a society/community, my role is to support and encourage the others in my group". So it's not as selfish as some may think.

We do have examples of this already but usually in so-called primitive societies. We've heard statements like: "It takes a whole village to raise a child" which seem to be the antithesis of the Western nuclear family mindset.

Clearly, in a world which has the core paradigm of "society is there to nurture the individual" transparency is critical.

Thus, in today's governments we're seeing a paucity of real leadership.

When political decisions are based on reaction to the loudest lobby group we find politicians making promises to whoever is in front of them at the time and not considering long term consequences.

Ultimately, this can be beneficial as we see groups like GetUp becoming a voice for individuals in a way which we haven't seen in politics before.

So, returning to my point about endings and beginnings: I believe we are at the end of the Age of Pisces.

The New Testament was written in the early days of this era and one of the prophecies is that of the Rapture in which devout Christians will be taken up to Heaven before the Second Coming of Christ.

We have to be very careful when reading these sort of prophesies because the language is usually obtuse.

Within the last couple of weeks we've seen the deaths of Leonard Nimoy, Terry Pratchett, Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser and obviously more.

While you might not agree with these people's world view or politics they were each leaders and great people who had vision of a better world.

For me, we're seeing a major transition and the process is uncomfortable.

Changing your own beliefs is hard enough for most people. When it's changing the beliefs of the whole world things get really challenging.

But the outcome is worth the effort.

A new world is being born and this time, right now, is critical.

There's a view in Judaism that the entire world is in perfect balance and it only takes a single act of kindness or wickedness to tip the balance in either direction.

We're in that position now.

To what side are you tipping the balance?

This Is My God

Sunday, March 01, 2015
We all know that the physical Universe consists of atoms and molecules which all came from the heart of stars.

So, from that perspective we're all made of star dust.

On the physical level the Universe is orderly and reasonably predictable - if you drop on object when you're standing on the Earth it'll fall. If you do the same thing in space there's a different behaviour but we understand it.

However, as humans we have other attributes besides our physical bodies.

We can think, emote, intuit.

Where does that ability come from?

According to many modern scientists, who I think are missing a huge piece of the complete picture, it's all a function of our brains.

(I recently came across a TED presentation by Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert, called "The real reason for brains". He argues that our brain's purpose is specifically to enable movement.)

Returning to my primary question: where does our ability to think, be passionate, creative and build (or destroy) an entire planet come from?

As I see it we have consciousness because, like Hydrogen, consciousness is a fundamental part of the Universe.

In fact, I'd argue, and many people in the world of so-called New Physics are also, that consciousness is an even more fundamental building block of the Universe than Hydrogen or even the sub-atomic particles.
After all, if you keep subdividing these fundamental particles you reach a point where matter and energy become interchangeable and where we talk about Consciousness as the true (pre Big Bang) originator of "Life, The Universe and Everything".

This Universal Consciousness is what I understand is meant by "God" when referred to using Jewish terminology.

If we accept that we have the attributes mentioned above (thinking, feeling etc) then they must exist as components of the Universe - rather than creations of the lump of meat between our ears.

This brings us to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which ascribes attributes to the creator and divides them into 10 major characteristics or Sephirot.

So, let's assume that this Universal Consciousness is the fundamental essence of all matter, energy and life.

Is it too much of a leap, that this "being" which has created everything and has established all the laws of physics is capable of communicating with it's creatures?

Is it too much of a leap, that a being who can design the Solar System in such a way so that the relative sizes of the Sun and Moon and their distances from the Earth (which is the only planet we currently know of, which supports any form of life) are such that when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned the Moon perfectly matches the Sun (a total Solar Eclipse) would have a desire (one of those fundamental elements) to interact with these (so far) unique beings it created?

So, if we assume that the creator of "Life, The Universe and Everything" does want to interact with it's creation, what would that interaction look like?

For me, the Hebrew Bible is an important (probably not only) element of that interaction.

There's another TED talk I came across recently, The History Of The World In 18 Minutes by David Christian (is this an example of nominative determinism?).

In it he explains that for life to occur on a planet there are 6 "thresholds" which need to be crossed.

By changing "threshold" to "day" you have the story of creation exactly as described in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

When the Bible says "God made Man in His image" what does that mean?

For me it means we are a microcosm of the macrocosm or stated another way "as above, so below" (this will be familiar to alchemists).

As human beings we have the same set of attributes that God has but on a smaller scale.

The first time I saw the movie "What The Bleep" I came away with the understanding that religion is the science of spirituality.

Yes, I know, religion has been abused as a way to wield power and control people. Then again, so has science, technology, money, emotions - you name it. So abuse of a powerful and effective system isn't confined to religions.

When we pray, what's going on there? See my recent posts How Prayer Works and Praying For Yesterday for more discussion and specifics on that.

As a final point think about this: if I'm right and the creator of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is trying to communicate with you, what's your response, reaction, involvement in that interaction look like?

Something to think about???

How Prayer Works

Monday, January 12, 2015
Some time ago I wrote a post about how prayer can work retroactively (see Praying For Yesterday).

In this post I'd like to discuss how prayer actually works.

The Jewish view is that during the period from Rosh Hashana (New Year) to Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) the fortunes of the entire world (and ALL its inhabitants) are determined for the upcoming year. If that's the case how does prayer have any effect? Since it's already been decided what's going to happen, what's the point of praying?

Kabbalah talks about four worlds: Aziluth is the most spiritual while Asiyah is the physical, mundane world of action. The decrees of Rosh Hashana are stored in the world of Aziluth and require prayer to bring them into the mundane world. While to riches prepared for us are never lost we need prayer to make them manifest.

Here's a story to illustrate.

It's told about the Baal Shem Tov, an 18th century Jewish mystic, rabbi and founder of the Chaddisic movement.

One day the Baal Shem Tov (Besht) gathered his closest followers and took them on a journey. After travelling for some time they came to a very run down house in an isolated area. The Besht asked of his followers that they not reveal who he was.

Coming out to greet them was a Jewish man (Yaacov) who was clearly impoverished. He welcomed them and inquired where they were from. When they replied that they were from Medzhybizh (the home of the Besht) he became very excited and began to ask if they knew the Besht.

Not wanting the conversation to continue along this line the Besht informed him that they had travelled a long way and were tired and hungry. At this he offered to provide whatever they needed.

In order to feed his guests Yaacov used up all the food in his house. After eating, the Besht informed Yaacov that they would all be staying over the Sabbath and would need a number of meals. He provided Yaacov with a list of requirements which was clearly beyond his ability to provide. As well as this group of 11 guests, Yaacov had his wife and their 6 children who would also need to eat.

In order to provide everything on the list Yaacov sold his house and all his possessions.

After the Sabbath the group of visitors departed and as he was leaving the Besht revealed to Yaacov who he was and left without another word.

The followers of the Besht were distraught. They'd seen him do many miracles but in this case they didn't understand - "We've left him destitute and with absolutely nothing. For what purpose?" But they got no answer.

Yaacov was also devastated. He had had the famous holy man and miracle worker in his house but had been completely ruined by the event. He'd sold his house and so he and his wife and children would have to leave in a few days. They had nowhere to go and no money. What was he to do?

He went out into the forest and cried out to G-d. In his questioning of G-d he asked "Is it too hard for you to provide me with the means to help and support myself and others?" During this time he imagined what it would be like to have plenty of money and a nice house. He imagined having many guests and being able to support others in his community.

While he was sitting there a Boris came by - a man Yaacov was well acquainted with. Boris was well known as a drunk but Yaacov had always treated him with kindness and respect.

When Boris saw Yaacov he became very excited, greeted him and said "I've been looking for you. I have a secret I want to share with you."

"You've been the only person who hasn't treated me with disgust. My children hate me and think I'm nothing but an old drunk. I know I drink too much but event when I've too much you've still been kind to me."

Boris took him to a place in the forest and said, "This is a secret I'm sharing only with you. I'm actually very wealthy and I keep all my money hidden in this secret place. When I die, I want you to have it."

As luck would have it Boris died the next day, and so Yaacov was suddenly very rich.

With his new wealth, Yaacov did all the things he'd imagined when he had poured out his heart to G-d.

After a while he decided he should go and she the Besht and tell him what had transpired. He took his wife and children and went to visit the holy man.

When he arrived the followers were astounded. They remembered Yaacov in rags and with no money or home and now he appeared before them well dressed, his wife and children all looking very fine, healthy and happy.

Yaacov told them what had happened after they visited and everyone was very pleased with the result.

The Besht then explained to Yaacov that this was the reason he had done what he did. He said, "There was great wealth stored up for you in Heaven but because of your humility you never asked for it and so it stayed in the upper realms."

"It was only when you were completely impoverished and had nowhere else to turn that you prayed for what you needed. As a result of your prayers this has now come to you."

What this story illustrates (whether it actually happened is irrelevant) is that the power of prayer is that it draws down into the material world the riches, both material and spiritual, that are available to us.

Turning The Perpetrator Into The Victim

Sunday, December 21, 2014

In 2007, Kevin Rudd, as the newly elected Prime Minister, issued a formal apology to the so-called "Stolen Generations". These were part aboriginal children who'd been forcibly removed from their families.

In conjunction with that a number of events occurred around Australia. It was a great time and a proud moment. What Kevin Rudd had done was tune in on the zeitgeist that Australians recognised that certain things had been done which we, as a nation, were not proud of and regretted. Families had been destroyed and children had suffered abuse at the hands of people acting on behalf of white Australians.

While most of the people taking part in the marches and ceremonies had had nothing directly to do with these policies and activities (many had not even been born when it happened and others were not yet living in Australia) they understood that this destructive policy was part of the Australian experience and psyche. It was an acknowledgement that this was part of being an Australian.

Our First Terrorist
This week, Australia had a new experience. The Sydney siege was our first real experience of terrorism.

There's enough material in the media that I don't need to go into details of what happened. A lone Jihadist, Man Haron Monis, took people hostage and by the end of the siege two very special people had been murdered.

The Muslim community was very quick to distance itself from this person. However, he didn't come out of a vacuum.

While Muslims assure us that Islam is a religion of peace it's hard to find a place in the world where that is how it's experienced.

Related to this attack a movement started with the Twitter hash-tag #illridewithyou. This reportedly started when a woman on a train noticed a Muslim woman removing her scarf. When I heard about this my first reaction was "there's a woman of courage - she's prepared to stand up and say this behaviour is not what Islam is about and I won't be associated with it."

Sadly, I was wrong. The reason she removed her scarf was because she feared reprisals.

My response then was "welcome to my world - which you've created".

Unsafe For Non-Musims
As a Jew, there are now many parts of Sydney where it isn't safe to go. There are attacks on people in Jewish dress, children being terrorised on buses and more which are, sadly, regular events in Australia. For years Jewish institutions, schools and synagogues have had to provide a significant security presence because of the threat of attack.

Around the world there are very few places where one can feel at ease being Jewish.

Europe, as it has become Islamised, has seen levels of anti-Jewish activity not experienced since the 1930s and 40s. The Middle East, apart from Israel, is completely empty of Jews and now the Christian communities are being eradicated. All in the name of Islam.

What Muslim Children Are Being Taught
A friend of mine is very active in an organisation trying to bring the Jewish and Muslim communities together. He told me of a situation where the Imam, he works with, asked the children what they thought when they heard a Rabbi was coming. They told him they were afraid and thought the devil was coming.

This is what Muslim parents are teaching their children.

Here's a video showing what Muslim children are being taught in Australia.

The Lone Wolf
This recent terrorist attack is called a lone wolf action, meaning it was carried out by one crazed person. Sadly, these are virtually impossible to stop because you can't watch everyone all the time, nor should you.

However, as stated above, these acts do not come about in a vacuum. They're the result of a culture of hatred and violence.

Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists. There are a people like the Imam I mentioned above, working for a harmonious community. But they seem to be a tiny minority. And we often hear of people like that being murdered because they refuse to toe the radical line.

A Visit To Martin Place
Today Danita and I visited the Martin Place 'shrine', where thousands of people are queuing up to leave flowers and messages of condolence and remembrance. While it was good to see Muslim women present I wanted to ask them (but didn't) what they were going to do to make sure this didn't happen again? How were they going to change what they were teaching their children so that Australia, and the world, could live in peace and harmony?

Here's a cartoon from Israel's Yaakov Kirschen - Dry Bones. I think he sums up the 'lone wolf' idea very well.

Now we have #illridewithyou. The perpetrators of this violence around the world are being seen as the victims. I don't suggest anyone goes out and starts randomly attacking Muslims. What I am suggesting is that Muslims take control of what's happening.

It's the responsibility of peace loving Muslims to claim back their religion, for them to stand up and say loudly and strongly "Not in my name".

Like Kevin Rudd, they need to understand that what is being done by Muslims is being done in their name and like the bulk of Australians participating in the 'Sorry Day' of 2007, Muslims need to take action because they are jointly responsible for what is being preached and taught and carried out.

As long as they allow and accept the radical preachers and leaders calling for Jihad and Sharia Law they are liable for every death which occurs.

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