Ever feel lost, confused or overwhelmed?

Are you successful yet still feel something is missing or do you own a business you aren't passionate about anymore? Do you need answers?

Finally... Answers that are specific to YOU!

Have you ever:

  • Felt you were here for a reason but can’t work out what it is?
  • Thought “I could have/do anything I want, if only I knew what it was?”
  • Experienced a sense of malaise or lack of purpose, even though you have the external trappings of success?
  • Asked yourself “if I’m so successful, why do I feel like a fake?” (commonly referred to as the Impostor Syndrome)
  • Do you ever feel like this? ”I’m exhausted by running a business and finding it all too challenging.  I feel I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing but have no idea what that is….”

This could be an indication your life is not aligned with your soul purpose.

You are a soul which has manifested a body to have a human experience in the world at exactly this time. You are here to achieve something unique.


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We will never rent or sell your information. This is just between us. We value your relationship.

Each soul has its own unique contribution to make in the world. It may do it through being an artist, a musician, a scientist, a healer – perhaps a lawyer or a salesperson. 

The important thing is not what you're DOING but who you're BEING!

How do you know if you’re aligned with your soul purpose?

  • Opportunities present which help you achieve what you want rather than distract you
  • Things flow well – even getting more green lights when driving
  • That book you were thinking about is the first thing you see when you go looking
  • You wake up feeling refreshed and excited even though you got less sleep than you think you need
  • Your life is filled with joy
  • You save $$$ by not being distracted and diverted by good ideas which aren't right for you

I am Laurence Harrould (BSc, DipEd, DipBIS). For over 35 years I’ve been doing Astrology and Tarot readings focussed on clarifying my clients’ soul’s purposes – helping them understand who they are and how they can best achieve what they are here for.

More recently I’ve been working as a business and personal coach and have now combined my two passions into a unique system to bring more passion, joy, power and pleasure into your life.

This guide has been written to give you an understanding of this system and to show you a simple 7 step process to get meaning and purpose back into your life.

Free Guide Reveals How To...
  • Get clear on your soul purpose
  • Understand how the seemingly “bad” things in life are your soul’s way of getting you re-aligned with your true passion
  • Reclaim your passion and drive
  • Use a surprising set of tools to get instant clarity on why you keep repeating certain habits
  • Overcome your enemies of doubt and fear
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