Soul Purpose

Discovering your soul purpose is a dynamic and life-changing event. The process of discovery teaches you how to extract your absolute best, and how to use it to add positivity and meaning to all your endeavours. Discover your purpose, your raison d’être and apply your new knowledge to every single aspect of your life.

You can’t change who you are, or your family, your partner or those around you, but you can change how you view yourself, and how you respond to the obstacles and gifts life throws you.

We call it your soul purpose, your soul seed. Like the acorn predestined to grow into an oak, everyone has a seed at their innermost core. True satisfaction and fulfilment lies in the nurturing of that seed.

Most people are influenced away from this inner core of purpose by the distractions and pressures of daily life. Many are dissatisfied, restless and often despite material success, unfulfilled.

Fulfilment and peace lie here, at Aviel. We will help you find your soul purpose, and through the preparation and expert reading of your astrology chart, find a path that is uniquely yours and give you the tools to follow it, stay with it and grow your seed to its full potential.

Allow Aviel to guide you on this journey with our Soul Navigator program. Find out more here.