The euthanasia debate raging in Australia at the moment is arguing the wrong question. The issue being talked about is the right to die. On one side there are the religious groups and right-to-lifers. On the other is Dr Nitschke, the Greens and others. While this is a very emotive
About 8 months ago we had photovoltaic cells installed to generate electricity. Since then we’ve been tracking the amount of electricity produced by our system. To date that’s 971 Kw. This gives us a warm fuzzy feeling because we’re contributing to a more sustainable planet. However, while gratifying, it’s not
Dear Kevin & Maxine As a voter in the electorate of Benelong I have intentionally voted informal for a number of years as there was no-one to actually vote FOR.  That changed in the 2007 Federal Election.  At the time there was a feeling of promise that a real change
As a result of internal bleeding I have just spent a few days in the Royal North Shore Hospital.  It was an illuminating experience. Having heard a great deal in the media about how bad the hospitals are I was, quite frankly, apprehensive.  My anxiety did not last long though