Seven Keys To A Successful Marriage

Firstly, a disclaimer. These comments are my ideas around what works. They are based on my experience of being in a number of failed relationships and now one that has lasted nearly 18 years, which I consider reasonably successful. They say, “a fool learns from his mistakes while a wise man learns from other people’s … Continued

Waste of a Perfectly Good Weekend

Death is Nature’s way of telling you to slow down. Thankfully, sometimes you do get advance notice. When I was in school I would often get through the school term only to succumb to some form of disease or sickness just in time for the holidays. Naturally, this put a bit of a dampener on … Continued

60 – The New 40

The big event for this week was Danita turned 60. She didn’t do anything specific to achieve that, it just happened while she was getting on with her life. When we were children (more than half a century ago – scary thought) someone in their 60s was OLD. However, since Danita and I are are … Continued

The Internet Rules

Recently a couple of people I work with have had internet issues. Since my business (ie my day job with Demand Flow Intelligence) is a virtual organisation the internet is crucial. However, until this happened with them I didn’t realise how dependant we are on it. In the first instance the lady was facing a … Continued