The Monte Rabbi

Last Thursday and Friday were Jewish New Year (or Rosh Hashana). In the Jewish calendar it is now 5778. Over the last decade I have helped with the running of the synagogue services at the Montefiore Aged Care facility in Hunters Hill on Sydney’s North Shore, known colloquially as “Monte”. During that time I have … Continued

A Bumpy Ride

I have now crossed Bass Strait five times by ship. The first time was a sailing ship on which I was part of the crew bringing a Sydney-Hobart boat back to Sydney after the race. The other four times were on the Spirit of Tasmania, a somewhat larger and more comfortable vessel. While I had … Continued

Praying For Rain

As city slickers, Danita and I never paid a lot of attention to the weather. All we needed to be aware of was how hot or cold it was going the be and whether it was raining. This was in order to answer the most ijmportant question of “what do I wear today?” Since moving … Continued


This week, in an attempt to be helpful, I caused a catastrophe. On Thursday I received an email from my business partner asking about our transaction limits as he needed an amount paid into an account that day. I responded with a question as to whether he meant our bank or Paypal account. He replied … Continued