From the beginning of time, people have used the stars for navigation. In every great expedition, a Navigator stands alongside the captain; mapping the journey, providing certainty in chaos and clarity in confusion.  The Captain’s lodestone, compass and fearless supporter.

When Laurence stands alongside you, you’re getting so much more than just a coach. As a retained advisor he is a:

  • Sounding board
  • Thinking partner
  • Communication consultant
  • Personal coach

Laurence supports only a selected number of business owners a year as a Navigator helping with the personal, organisational and people issues all great captains deal with.

Recently featured in the book “Secrets of Great Success Coaches Exposed!”,  Laurence has been passionate about astrology for over 30 years – not the ‘read your stars’ stuff in the papers & magazines, but the deeper focus on who a person is and what their purpose is in life. In 1979 Laurence organised a national conference called “Recent Advances in Natal Astrology” – a review of the scientific studies of astrology at the time. Laurence also holds a science degree, diplomas in education, business information systems, orthomolecular nutrition, clinical ecology and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Over the years, Laurence evolved his own combination of ancient and modern tools, bringing together his passions for business, science, astrology and a desire to help others grow. The natural progression was to coaching. What better way to manifest his abilities and knowledge than imparting them to others? As a result, the Aviel brand was created, along with a unique range of programs that have now been responsible for transforming many businesses and the lives of their owners, as the testimonials on this website demonstrate.

Laurence’s coaching style focuses on getting down to business and even further down to what drives you as the business owner. Every small business is different and very dependent on the owner for its character and personality. Laurence believes it’s essential to spend time working on the business’s systems and practices yet it’s also important to focus on the owner and their needs and goals. He does this in a relaxed, calm and comfortable manner yet is also able to shift gears and ask the hard questions or deal with anything which comes up no matter how confronting. Coaching is not just a ‘chat session’; it’s about action to bring about lasting change and better results.

Laurence combines business acumen with a caring heart and visionary perception. The Aviel framework provides a powerful set of business tools; tailored, structured and proven to ensure success.

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