When you’re at a business networking event, or even a social gathering, and someone asks the inevitable question “What do you do?” do you find yourself going into a panic? This is one of the most normal questions to ask someone to open a conversation, after telling them your name
>From the desk of Glen Carlson (KPI) “Most business owners don’t have a compelling answer for the simple question ‘What do you do?’ yet it’s the biggest differentiator between success and failure”. – Ian Elliot Business owners know they have loads of value to offer, yet often struggle to communicate it in
As we come to the end of the year business owners are doing a lot of planning for the next year (or they should be). One question which is perennial is “how can I increase my bottom line?” The standard answers are usually cost cutting and increasing sales. However, there
Starting your own business is a huge challenge. It’s one thing to have a brilliant idea for a money-making venture, but it’s another thing completely to put in all of the hard work, risks, investment and creativity into turning it into a successful business. Once you have established your business,
This article was supplied by Glen Carlson from Key Person of Influence 1. Be a symbol for our time. Iconic brands ride at the forefront of the most influential trends that effect us all. In the 1800’s, Carnegie Steel, Standard Oil, General Electric, Ford and JP Morgan were the big
Reposted from Daniel Priestley of Key Person of Influence ___________________________________________________________________ I just spent the last 4 days meeting with 120 small business owners in Melbourne who are exploring ways to grow their business. I’ve done these sessions in the UK, Singapore, the USA and Mexico. There are seven big mistakes
Reposted from Daniel Priestley of Key Person of Influence ___________________________________________________________________ Over the past few years the biggest buzz word for people in business or those seeking financial freedom is “passive income”. As the name suggests, its an idea that you can earn income that you don’t have to work for.
Recently, I purchased something which I then decided was incorrect and wanted to return. I hadn’t opened the box, removed the price sticker or anything. It was in EXACTLY the same condition as when I’d taken it out of the store. When I tried to return it I had such
If you’ve ever wanted to stand out from the crowd and create a competitive edge no doubt a well-meaning advisor may have said ‘be different!’ Whilst this may be useful advice for some, in terms of reputation branding, it’s not necessarily a smart strategy to follow. Novelty and innovation can
I recently received the following newsletter from Hugh Guyton (Just a Conversation). It got me thinking about the impact of the web especially social media. We have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and so many more its impossible to keep up. The point of all these “tools” is ultimately self promotion