Firstly, marketing is the ONLY activity a business can undertake that will result in ‘dollars in the till’. It’s vitally important that we don’t confuse marketing with selling, the skills are similar, but ARE NOT the same. Selling ONLY OCCURS when a sales opportunity is converted into a sale, this
For many businesses staff costs are the biggest expense they have. If you’re a business owner check your P&L to see what proportion of your outgoings are directly or indirectly staff-related. I suspect you’ll find you spend a considerable amount on the maintenance and upkeep of equipment but how much
Is it noticeably quieter for you at the moment?  Given the amount of negativity around, it’s not surprising that the phone may not be ringing as often as it did last year since many people are being more cautious.  What will you do with the spare time this lack of
This week we’ve had the good fortune to meet with one of Australia’s experts on social networking, Iggy Pintado (  What a vast treasure of knowledge! If you think sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are just for Gen X and Y people or for social purposes only, then Iggy is
Want to have a great 2009? Our suggestion is minimise reading newspapers and watching TV news programs especially commercial TV!  These sadly only propagate bad news (for some reason good news doesn’t sell!) and so if you’re constantly bombarded with negative messages, you’ll buy into the terrible state of the