Soul Navigator: Twelve Months Of Amazing Self Discovery

Allow our insights to guide you as we help you navigate your personal journey.  Discover your unique soul-seed and create your best possible life.

The core element of the Soul Navigator program is a series of twelve sessions held over nine months which shows you the way to personal fulfilment.

Firstly, a Soul Pathfinder session takes you through your own personal chart, revealing your predestined Soul Purpose, and how that aligns with the life you’re currently living.

Over the following months, each session builds on the one before, helping you discover who you really are and learning to express this newfound knowledge in your personal and professional life.

Feel your destiny ‘click’ into place.

You may need to make some tough decisions, break some habits and change your way of thinking.  At times you may feel challenged, but, with our support and guidance you’ll be astounded at the positive changes you’ve wrought within yourself and made to your personal path. It’s worth it.

Make an investment in your personal growth, and reap the rewards as you face the future with strength and certainty, possessing an enhanced capacity for contentment and an inner serenity that touches everyone you encounter.

The Soul Navigator is an annual subscription consisting of:

  • 12 x personal (one on one) 2 hour sessions with Laurence.
  • An Energetic Weather Map. Inspired by your Soul Pathfinder, this fully personalised Energetic Weather Map explores the seasonal and daily energetic influences on your life for the coming year.  Use this to assist your planning and to help you understand when and how to focus on particular aspects of your life and business.
  • 2 x Tarot readings to provide extra guidance when particularly required during the year. Tarot is a powerful tool for providing clarity about options and possible outcomes when important decisions are being made.
  • Access to webinars and other events offered.
  • Books and other resources.

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