Astrology Testimonials

“OK, I’m officially impressed!

Laurence from AvielNavigator just gave me a kick-ass business astrology reading that cut right to the chase of who I am and what my purpose in the world is…

It was so accurate and helpful that 1) I starting wondering whether I should send all my business coaching clients to have a session with him – or at least the ones who are still figuring out their niche – and 2) arranged marriages suddenly made sense to me (you know how the elders in ancient China used to consult the astrological charts of the various children, and match them according to their compatibility?) Who woulda thunk it!?! lol…

Anyways… Laurence works with successful women who want to align their business with their soul purpose… If that’s you, I encourage you to get in touch with him and request a discovery session. Totally worthwhile.”

Yollana Shore

If you want to know WHY you do the things you do or WHAT it is that would best serve you in this lifetime you HAVE to have an appointment with Laurence at AvielNavigator

He has just told me some amazing things that brought goosebumps and have made everything SO much clearer. My purpose in this lifetime, my karma and position in relationships and confirmation of the bigger game I need to step up to.

Thank you so much Laurence. Awesome!”
Trish Rock

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of several recent Skype sessions with Laurence Harrould. I know my exact time of birth so I am confident in the accuracy of his work.
Laurence’s approach with me combines business strategy with astrological readings and insights. This is a unique approach from which I have already benefited enormously.
I’ve had my chart read many times by some highly skilled and experienced astrologers. Laurence’s work is exceptional– and very different from — the formulaic work of most astrologers I have met/or worked with. I gained practical advice, rather than a general overview of “who I am”. I’d say that this was the first time — in all my journeying — that I found an astrological reading to be practically useful.”

Wendy Sarkissian PhD
Author of “Creative Community Planning” (2010)

The SPA Reading
This morning spent in mysteries
Of astrology, tarot and crystals
Surprises me with profound insights.

Though not a believer,
I am curious how their messages
Touch a deeper place within me
And strike a chord, not dissonant but harmonious.

Respect for the deep spirituality of the messenger
Opens my spirit to the words and meanings he brings.
Lesley Schoer 12 July 2012

“It was a great session. I’ve walked away with a terrific new set of insights into how I can apply myself to my business and be fulfilled in the process. So thank you.”
Michael Wynter

“I keep reading over the report you gave me and have listened to the CD and I’m still picking up bits and pieces. It is really quite fascinating and to have you tell me who I am without you even knowing me was just bizarre. So many things have clicked for me and it’s amazing what I do actually already know but just don’t listen to. The dream thing was amazing and I dream so much with such clarity. I have little inklings of things too in terms of what the future holds and you just confirmed that what my gut tells me is true and to listen more closely. Thanks so much for such a deep insight to my life. I look forward to what the future holds.”
Rachel Dickman

“I have had other astrology readings in the past and found them both interesting and helpful to a degree, but they didn’t really have an impact on me. My recent reading with Laurence was quite different. His practical and pragmatic explanation of the energies influencing me opened my awareness to a deeper understanding of what the challenges in my chart represent. I now see the relationship ‘drama’ of my life to date in a whole new light! and realise that with the right understanding of the forces at play any challenge can reveal itself to be a powerful gift. Laurence has skillfully provided me with tools I need and I ‘m excited at this new sense of opportunity I feel opening up in my life.”
Ankya Klay

“Wonderful guidance! Your help has been incredibly reflective of exactly what I was just ‘channelling’ for myself. Especially around the ‘events’ part of my work. I feel so at peace. My head is held high and I feel good about myself as a woman in my life and where I am at. Thank you for bringing me such clarity! I let go that final expectation that I should be doing something other than I am! Now I feel at peace that I was moving into the phase I am in now and this is ok. Thank you Laurence for everything.”
Joanne M Prior

Thanks so much for the astro/tarot reading last week. It has definitely been the most helpful and practical  of all the metaphysical things I have pursued.”
Lesley Russell

“Laurence recently completed an astrology reading for me.  He was able to provide clarity around life’s challenges and patterns and through this, increase my understanding of the key focus and roles in my life. His readings are insightful and specific and offer a fresh view on past and existing patterns. A worthwhile experience.”
Sharonne Phillips

“The insights that you have provided, have renewed and validated my vigour for the approach that I have taken with my growing web operations.”
Donald Anderson

“Just a note to say thanks so much for doing my Sabian symbols. Being in a period of transition and uncertainty at the moment, the information brought me a deeper understanding, acceptance of my current situation and helped me make sense of things that felt overwhelming. I feel the reading perfectly encapsulates what I’m here to do in my life and also gave me the reassurance that I’m on the right track, which helped me refocus on my goals.”
Julie Ann Storr (Chief Inspiration Officer)

“The life symbols provided me with an insight into myself I had previously not been aware of. A new perspective. They certainly reflected parts of my personality. The tool was useful for me in that I could see how and why I made certain decisions in relation to my life purpose. Laurence’s knowledge in this area is incredible and he clearly explained what the symbols meant and how they could be used in a day to day sense.”
Kirsty Spraggon – Speaker & Author

“The astrological insights Laurence provided were very welcome and added value to discussions already taking place for planning purposes. His ability to communicate complex information in simple, meaningful ways that add real value to the decision making process is extremely helpful and worth exploring.”
Hannah Samuel – Speaker, Author & Reputation Advisor

“Laurence’s depth of knowledge in the realm of astrology is amazing. An interesting process that reveals some interesting details! Come armed with your time of birth and let Laurence work his magic.”
Lisa Cork – International Speaker & Author  

“The benefit to me was in identifying my purpose and the symbolism surrounding that. This has enabled me to align myself and my business towards achieving this purpose. To this end, I have also displayed my symbol on my business card which, along with my vision, has proved to be a good conversation promoter.”
Bronya Clare – Business Coach

“I found it to be an insightful, succinct and revealing method for identifying areas where my focus needs now to lie in order to achieve the life balance I desire. It also has provided me with some practical tools for reliable direction in specific areas – especially my business. SPA is a unique tool for its insightfulness and practicality, and I will definitely recommend it to clients.”
Mandy Lamkin, Director, Enrich Australia Pty Ltd

“When it comes to astrology, I’m smitten. I’ve always found it to be an invaluable tool for clarification and elucidation. When I need to gain deeper understanding about my patterns and potentialities, when I want to de-fuzz some of the blurr about those tricky inner dynamics, I seek out a good astrologer. By ‘good’ I mean someone who is more than a technician, who is skilled in both the science and art of astrology. Someone who can both read the abstractions of the energetic, heavenly mandala and can translate them into concrete terms that I can apply in daily life.

When new year bowled along I felt a great buoyancy about what 2012 had in store. I sensed something big and bold was en route and so wanted to meet this energetic wave with optimal focus and clarity. I tapped into the network and within 2 degrees I was steered towards Laurence Harrould. The ‘tip’ came from a trusted source however I was still wary – would Laurence be a ‘good’ astrologer? Or would I find myself quietly yawning under my breath? Well, he was more than ‘good’ – he was great!

From the minute the session started, Laurence was on the beat. A true professional. He applied a quiet intelligence to the exposition of my chart. There was none of those irritating ‘predictions’ – rather, he talked in terms of possibilities and potentials. This was empowering.

Everything seemed to be framed in the positive so despite discussing issues of significant gravitas, there was a lightness. As well, I had a sense of being with a wise mind – a person capable of embracing far reaching ideas. And a person of sincerity – one who would stick by you, committed to your journey, willing to offer an equanimous guiding hand for whatever arose on your road less traveled.

Some astrologers can be really ‘all over the shop’ in their readings – brilliant people, but hard to follow. Laurence by contrast, stayed well on track. Despite giving full and insightful answers to my, at times, tangential questions, he calmly proceeded through the reading – providing a comprehensive discussion of the major dynamics and how, as a composite, they could sing in synergy. He described things using an easy, accessible style of language, backed up with metaphors that gave you an instant ‘ah ha!’.

It was a serious session, but a warm one. And at times, it was brightened by one of Laurence’s divinely rascally smiles – he has an irresistibly quirky edge! It was also a very generous session – not only in the amount of time that Laurence spent with me, and the pile of resources that I left with tucked under my arm – it was the generosity of heart that underpinned the encounter. And just when I thought that it was a wrap, Laurence brought out the tarot, adding yet another layer of meaning to the here and now.

I came away from this session feeling very pleasantly ‘full’. I now saw myself in new ways; understood myself at a deeper level; had plenty to ponder; and felt ‘ready willing and able’ to embrace the energy of 2012 with ‘eyes wide open’. So, if you’d like some insight and illumination to help you do your best, then, do go see Laurence!”
Jacqueline S. Campbell

“When I first started my new business I wanted to get it right and be aware of potential oportunities and of any looming roadblocks. I went to see Laurence and he created a wonderful astrological chart for my business which he used to walk me through potential up and down phases and things I need to look out for. This helped me focus my time and energies on activities likely to generate results. And I can’t thank him enough for this. I can highly recommend Laurence’s high integrity, high value services whether you’re seeking direction in business or in your personal sphere.”
Emma McDermott

“There is absolutely no doubt that Laurence is fully knoweldgable in the subject and interreptation of astrology and its relevance to ones life purpose. I approached the subject with much skeptism, bent on proving it to be just so much hocus pocus. In a very short time Laurence revealed aspects about me that quite frankly I have shared with very few others. How the timing of ones birth can reveal this is a total mystery to me and yet reveal it does. Taking Laurence’s advice regarding purpose has produced equally amazing results in helping me find and live more in my element with a resulting peace of mind. Whatever your level of cynicism regarding astrology, just give Laurence the challenge of proving you misguided.”
John Howard

“I went to see Laurence at a crossroads in my life and Laurence did my astrology charts which really helped me move forward and find out I was acutally on the right path!! I am now doing a NLP courses which is helping me with my business and personal life.”
Tina Clarke

“My session with Laurence was excellent, I now have far more clarity and direction in my business direction and feel he captured my essence and great insight into my personal direction as well. Very accurate reading. Thanks Laurence”
Maria Cucinotta – The Image CEO

“I have approached Laurence Harrould in 2008 on recommendation of my friend. When we have met for the first time, he came across as a pleasant and humble person who loves helping people. Soon after we have had a meeting for an astrological reading. This reading has given me an insight into the logic of my life path. It had truly become a turning point and a life changing experience for me. I can’t ever thank him enough for the advice he’s given. As a result of his reading, I am now a much stronger and happier person. He gave the courage to follow my dreams and to realise my potential. Laurence is a multiskilled person with an encyclopedic knowledge in many fields, he is an expert astrologer and a celebrity business coach. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for guidance. Laurence will guide you in a right (for you!) direction.”
Anna Zarasyan

“I had the pleasure of a consultation with Laurence via Skype in regards to my Strategic Personal Alignment. Laurence’s delivery was precise, accurate and resonated with me completely, giving precise insight into self and awareness of how I interact in the world and on a higher level. I am looking forward to integrating his knowledge into my work and goal setting. I have no hesitation in highly recommending his services.”
Nicole Orr


Victoria Ugarte talks about her Energetic Weather Map session – Explore My World Travel

Cherie Vernon – Lighthouse Life

“I have had two highly impactful coaching sessions with Laurence and find him to be an expert in supporting the essential process of meaning-making – especially during times of deep personal change and transformation. He is able to draw on a range of unique tools for creating alternative frameworks and viewpoints, which he does with extraordinary compassion and wisdom. I would highly recommend Laurence for anyone who is undergoing important life transitions and wishes to uncover the perspective, meaning and purpose in what they are experiencing.”
Sue Tsigaros

Nicola Styles

Mariana von Lucken – partner HLB Mann Judd

Coaching Testimonials

“I feel compelled to write this testimonial, even before I finish the 12-week program.  Originally I attended a single consultation with Laurence to address some questions about my business, but it was clear his insights would benefit my personal wellbeing as well.  With his help, I have worked through a tumultuous time in my life with positivity and confidence, whether he has gently pointed out the obvious, provided timely and relevant life tools, or revealed completely new and life-changing ways of thinking.  I highly recommend Laurence as a perceptive, non-judgemental, focused and flexible navigator for life, business or both.  My next journey is just beginning – I’m not even sure where I am going – but I am looking forward to a rich and fulfilling journey with the help that Laurence has given me.  Thanks for everything, Laurence and Danita, your support is a blessing.”
Pamela Jones – The Environmental Type

“A week has gone by and I feel so much more focused now since our meeting.  It’s like a weight has fallen away.”
Lois Hewitt – Impact Career Solutions

“I recently had my first coaching session with Laurence Harrould.

Sessions are held away from your office which is a good thing as you’re away from the distractions of the work place.  This allowed me to more readily focus on the reason I was having the coaching session in the first place.

As management of my practice essentially falls in my lap, it is very helpful to be able to discuss and get direction on issues of management from someone else and to be able to see things from another’s perspective.  And in my case, it is especially helpful that Laurence consults to several other accounting practices.

One of the consulting tools that Laurence employs is a customised note pad which allows you to conveniently record agreed upon action points that arise during the course of the coaching session.  And the interesting thing I found was that after returning to my office I quickly followed up on those action points rather than filing them away in a ‘things to do when I get around to it file’.

Laurence’s practice of passing his invoice across the table at the end of the session probably aided my motivation.  A practice I wholeheartedly endorse. Of course, the invoice was paid in a matter of days.

One other point is you don’t have to commit yourself to an extended program of week by week consultations. Coaching sessions can be conducted on an as needs basis which is what suits me.”
Brian Welsh – B.D. Welsh and Co.

“Working away from the office on Fridays is working well and I am achieving progress in areas in which I was bogged down.
The opportunity for me, as a small business operator, to be able to share, debate, explore issues etc. with a mature and intelligent person (who is not in any way associated with our business) has been a testing yet rewarding experience.”
Richard Lawson – Raclo Remote Control

“Your patience and non-judgemental approach provided an open, relaxed forum and the assurance of trust and integrity. You were able to “tap” thoughts and visions that have never been expressed.”
Darren Goodman

“I always considered myself able to achieve whatever I set my mind to, but I have never been able to set goals which are important to me. SPA Coaching has given me a new outlook to the future and a renewed zest for doing things that are important to me and I am now a more complete, well rounded and happier person.”
Reid Skinner

“It’s been a real eye-opener and a great reminder to me that there is always a better path available, always something new to learn (even for old dogs!).”
Paul Chick, State Manager, Prosperity Wealth Managers

“For me the biggest outcome was ‘becoming unstuck’ instead of doing a lot but getting nowhere.”
Christa McDermott

“Be prepared for your dreams to turn into reality.”
Marianne Bellhouse

“Our members gained an insight into another way of looking at their businesses and their lives.”
Wendy Close, Vice President, Central Coast Business SWAP.

“Laurence gave me an immense amount of confidence in my own capacities, and if not for his professional faith, I could not envisage having reached the advanced stage of writing I now enjoy.”
Richard A. John – Principal – Holdstock Phillips

“My life is forever changed because of you.”
Deni Gordon

“In the past 12 weeks I have grown and learned more about myself than I have in the last 10 years. … Achieving the goals I set out in the beginning has put my life back on track.”
Kris Morgan


Jane Braund – Contours (Fitness for women on the go)

“No wind is favorable if you don’t know which port you’re headed for”. – Seneca
Like a sailor on his journey, Laurence from Aviel uses the stars and the sun to light the best course.
I am at the helm and Laurence the wind in the sails of my boat.
Knowing where you are going, how you’re going to get there & particularly who you are becomes a whole lot easier with Laurence and Danita at your side.
Thank you to you both for shining a light on my business and personal endeavors.
Aviel coaching is $$$ invested well, not well spent!”
Jane Thorpe – Director

Lance Nurick

Fiona Roppolo – Mr Pest

Marek Kazmierczak – 3 Colours Painting Services Pty Ltd

Jo Bryant – Bryant’s Bookkeeping