With roots dating back thousands of years, astrology has been a useful tool for societies. People have consulted the stars and the skies to help them predict the seasons, determine their life path, and inform their decisions, including ones about their careers. Astrology enthusiast and SEO for business marketing strategist
During these trying times, most people look for a reliable helping hand that can lead them to success. Whether you run and own a small business or a multinational empire, there is no harm in using Astrology. Though, it might surprise most that the business field could also use it.
In the Biblical book of Bamidbar/Numbers there is a story about how the Midianites tried to destroy the Hebrew people by having the Midianite women seduce the Hebrew men and draw them into idolatry. This worked to some extent, and resulted in a plague which killed 24,000 people. The plague
Your brain does amazing things. Clearly, without it, you wouldn’t be you (if there was a you at all). However, sometimes it can do things that aren’t really in your best interest. You may have seen an email which shows how we can read a block of text even when
The previous sections have outlined the analogy that you operate in this world like a two-way radio. Through this process, anything you think, feel, say or do creates thought forms to which you are particularly attuned – they are literally “on your wavelength”. Some of these are life affirming (positive)
In the previous section I started talking about thought forms and covered how you do the same thing as a radio i.e. transform energy into different forms based on your thoughts and feelings. I also taliked about how you’re impacted by people you are connected to because you are “on
Whenever you have a thought, idea, feeling or emotion, you create thought-forms. Hold that thought and we’ll come back to it. Let’s look first at how a radio works. We’re not interested in the diodes and transistors that enable a radio to do what it does. All we’re concerned with
For many years I’ve been working on a book called Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? It’s been a long-standing project which I have worked on, on and off (mostly off) since 2010. Rather than keeping it hidden until I have completed the entire book, I’ve decided to
Why Bad Things Happen To Good People (In order to keep things simple, I’m referring to the title of this series as WBTHTGP. In this age of Twitter and TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) I need to be as succinct as possible – hope you don’t mind.) The first thing we need
Here’s a story Danita recently told me which she had heard in a course she’s doing. A young child has issues with anger management. He regularly throws tantrums and screams whenever he can’t get what he wants. To teach him to control his anger, his father gives him a hammer