Lately there have been a number of planets closely grouped together.  These are: Saturn, Mercury, Venus and the Sun mainly in Libra and Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune with the Moon included between 25th and 29th October in Aquarius. When there are 4 or more planets in a sign this is
On October 18th will be the New Moon.  This is the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  A New Moon occurs when the Sun & Moon are on the same degree of the Zodiac – in this case 24deg 59min Libra.  As each degree consists of
We’ve heard a lot about the New Age.  These days that term tends to be used pejoratively – implying vague, airy-fairy, woo-woo etc.  So what’s it all about? The science.  (If you’re not technical skip this bit.) ————— Astrologically, the beginning of Aries is defined as the point where the
In my previous post I mentioned the Saturn-Uranus opposition that is one of the more significant aspects (angular relationships between planets) currently occurring. Saturn represents the energy of giving form or the crystallising of ideas, beliefs, attitudes, systems etc while the principle represented by Uranus is revolution and change.  As
The most noticable planetary effects at the moment are retrograde Mercury and the Saturn-Uranus opposition. A planet is retrograde when it appears to us to be going backwards through the zodiac.  In actuality, planets never really change direction.  However, because we perceive the Solar System from our position on the
World of the Sages: The sun’s new cycle Apr. 2, 2009 Levi Cooper , THE JERUSALEM POST This coming Wednesday (8th April 09), on the eve of Pessah, we perform a ritual that occurs only once every 28 years. The source for this commemorative event is a passage in the
On Dec 1 2008 Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will combine to make a Smiley face.  This will occur between 8pm and 11pm with the most exact being about 9pm (in Sydney) but will not be seen in Europe or the US.  The next time this will happen is in
On the 27th November 2008, Mumbai was attacked by Islamic terrorists.  With random shootings at crowds and westerners being specifically targeted what understanding can we get about what is happening? On that same day Pluto moved into Capricorn.  In order to understand the current situation let’s look at some recent