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WBTHTGP Chapter 3 – Karma

The previous sections have outlined the analogy that you operate in this world like a two-way radio.

Through this process, anything you think, feel, say or do creates thought forms to which you are particularly attuned – they are literally “on your wavelength”.

Some of these are life affirming (positive) while others are life depleting (negative).

While both attributes are necessary for life to continue, we associate the negative energies with pain, suffering and death.

(As an aside, try to image life without the food we eat being broken down into its essential nutrients in our bodies, or the lack of fertilisers for plants because nothing breaks down into compost. Clearly life couldn;t continue and so having the positive and negative aspects are important but we need to be mindful of what our contribution to the energetic Universe is – are we adding positive or negative energy?)

Because we have generated these thought forms and they are on our wavelength, they are drawn to us and, as we focus on the event or situation from where they came, we add more and more energy into that entity.

By doing that, we draw that energy or influence back into our lives.

If you (or someone you know) are struggling with trying to break out of a repeating behaviour our experience pattern, this could be the reason.

As they say, “what you resist, persists.”

This is because we keep reinforcing that energy pattern or thought form and so it keeps recurring in our lives.

So how does this relate to karma?

When we do something, we create a thought form.

If what we have done has hurt another person then their pain is incorporated into that thought form.

This send a “destructive” entity into the Universe.

In order for that negative energy to be turned into postive, life affirming energy, it must be transformed.

(Remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.)

The way it gets transformed is for the “creator” of that form to take it into him/herself and experience the other side of the equation.

By so doing they feel the way they made the other person feel and so the negative energy of pain and anger (for example) gets turned into empathy.

This is what we mean when we talk about “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes”.

By being on the recieving end of what we have done to others, we experience what they felt and went through.

Of course, each person is responsible for their own responses to things that happen to them and ultimately we can’t MAKE someone else feel something.

However, if our actions have caused a negative reaction in a person then we do have some responsibilty for that.

So, by experiencing the pain and suffering we originally caused in someone else we transform the negative thought form into a positive one.

The challenge is, obviously, having the awareness and understanding to tranform that energy.

If, on the other hand, we react with anger and frustration when we receive the energy of the thought form what we end up doing is reinforcing the negative aspects and so making it even harder to transform.

I’ve often spoken about the idea that when the Universe has a lesson or message for us, it will get the point across, irrespctive of how long it takes.

It works along the idea that first the Universe sends us grains of sand, then rocks, then boulders and finally an avalanche.

At some point we do wake up and get the message.

Now, because energy can only be transformed, this process may take place across multiple lifetimes.

In this case, we don’t necessarily see the connection between what we’ve previously done and what we now experience.

And, of course, it works the other way around – if you do supportive, life affirming things, that’s what comes around for you to receive.

Next time we’ll cover how Grace fits into this picture.