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Today’s Planetary Transits
Click here to see the positions of the planets right now.
If you’ve downloaded the ‘7 Steps To Aligning With Your Soul Purpose‘ you can use it to compare with your own chart’s positions to get a sense of how the current transits are impacting you personally.

Feng Shui Infographic
There are so many ways you can promote happiness and wellbeing… Starting in your own home. Feng Shui is the perfect practice to start in order to do this. This ancient practice originates in China, and has had a popular following throughout time. Feng Shui is a way of life, and a way to create perfect harmony in the home. Using the laws of Heaven and Earth you are able to create a well-balanced and positive life. This is both important for you, and for those around you, as well as those you invite in to your home. This infographic will get you started on your journey… Furnishing Homes

Secrets of Great Success Coaches Exposed!
Download Laurence’s section ‘Align Yourself’ from the book.

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Six Keys To Loyal Staff
How to keep your good staff without extra expense. Article published in Nett magazine.

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The Present
by Jerry Downs
Finding myself in the middle of NowHere. A photographic journey across the US

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Spiritual Marketing
by Joe Vitale
A proven 5 step formula for easily creating wealth from the inside out

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The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!
by Joe Vitale
The power of giving

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Australia Says Sorry
by Laurence V Harrould
On February 13th 2008 at the opening of the 42nd session of the Federal Parliament the first item on the agenda was an official apology from the Australian Government to the “Stolen Generations”. This article is an astrological review of what this means for Australia, why Kevin Rudd got it so right and Dr Brendan Nelson so wrong!

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Doing Business In The New Age
by Laurence V Harrould
A review of the changes in modern society & how this affects the way we do business.

Have you noticed that the world is changing? Not only that but the rate of change is increasing. It has become virtually impossible to project even 5 years into the future. The internet, Generation Y (employers are especially challenged by this group), global warming – this list seems endless.

How does this affect your business?

By putting current events into an historical context, Laurence shows how these changes are part of the evolution and development of mankind. By understanding where all this is going, we are better placed to make adjustments to our businesses and take advantage of the emerging new world.

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How to Survive a Bathroom Renovation
by Laurence & Danita.
This e-book tells the story of our reno in the hope that our experience will make yours a much more pleasant one. There are lots of “really obvious” traps that no-one tells you about until after you have had the experience.
There is an old adage: “A fool learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from other people’s.” We hope you can learn from ours…

If you have had some “interesting” renovation experiences please let us know and we will incorporate them into a later version (with author credit – unless you wish to remain anonymous!)

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How To Communicate With Teenagers
from Shift International.
If you have teenage children or need to communicate with teenagers this is a must read.

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Building An Effective Web Site – 7 Surefire Strategies for Failure (and how to avoid them)
by Michael J. Katz.
Thank you to Mark Wayland of The Last 3 Feet for sending this in.

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Why you don’t have the MONEY you want, and how to get it
by Margaret Munoz.
(International author of The Power of Tapping and Create Prosperity – A Guided Journey).

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Work As If You Own It
by Kirsty Spraggon.
At some point most of us have thought about being
    our OWN BOSS
    working our OWN HOURS
    making our OWN CHOICES
    … But few have the courage to make it happen.  If you have dared to take the path less travelled and have embraced your entrepreneurial spirit then this is the book for you.

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To buy the book click here to go to Kirsty’s website

The Price Is Right

The article published in Nett magazine

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Item Based Business

The article in November 08 Nett magazine titled “The Price Is Right” used a number of spreadsheets to demonstrate the effect of changing prices and other variables in a small business. This spreadsheet applies when the small business is item based ie you sell things.

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Service Based Business

This spreadsheet applies when the small business is a service based ie you sell time and expertise.
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The Elephant Funeral
A moving piece seen on the wall at Chippers Funeral Directors in Perth describing the funeral ceremony of elephants. They appear to have the same emotions we do.

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