When you need to make a significant decision who do you turn to for advice?

Your list might include: your accountant; your lawyer; your financial planner; your doctor; your family and friends. These people can help with all sorts of advice but who can you turn to, to find out if the decision is right for YOU?

Who’s Affected By Your Decisions?
When you’ve got those important decisions which impact your life and often many people around you: your partner, your children, your staff or co-workers, who’s there to advise and support you, helping you understand how your decision will impact you and those who are important to you?

What’s An Executive Navigator?
What would it be like to have someone who knows YOU deep down, sometimes even better than you know yourself, sharing your life’s journey with you, supporting your ideas with information on why they’re good for YOU (or not)?

Using the tools of Astrology and Tarot, Laurence is there, sharing the journey, helping you navigate your way through the chaos and turmoil that is life in the 21st Century.

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